The Trucking Yogi is channeled by the musical and creative Rebecca Suzanne, a yoga aficionado beyond question.

Ms. Suzanne and her husband Seth Jackson became involved in trucking more than a decade ago in the years following the dot com bubble burst in the early part of the 21st century. That phenomenon forever changed the employment landscape for high tech workers across the country, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to his driving career, Mr. Jackson had worked in high tech.

The idea for The Trucking Yogi blog came about after literally years of searching and contemplation on Rebecca’s part. Then late in 2012, author Marianne Williamson published a book called, “The Law of Divine Compensation.”

In part, the book talked about the importance of giving back with one’s unique and innate gifts in order to claim the riches which The Universe has in store for each of us. A lifelong writer, Ms. Suzanne quickly realized her gift of expression would become her offering of thanksgiving. Fortunately, she already had a muse waiting in the wings in the form of her dear, longstanding, yet shy friend, Ms. Bean.

Beanie, as she also is called, reminded Rebecca of her writing skills and how those skills had been a personal help.

The muse had spoken and The Trucking Yogi blog came into being.

“This blog takes me full circle,” Rebecca said. “I started my professional life writing. It’s one of the things that has been a constant for me. From my early years of newspaper reporting, to grant and program writing for nonprofit organizations, to the lyrics written for my songs, I have come to realize that I have been given the gift of expression.

It is this expression which lives within my own heart that inspires me to find gifts to give back.”

Through her work with nonprofits, Ms. Suzanne has been recognized domestically as well as internationally for her community organizing efforts. Among the organizations who have honored her work are the Honduran Nongovernmental Organization (NGO), Predisan; as well as the Portland, Oregon-based organizations Central Northeast Neighbors and Hispanic Services Roundtable.

Proud to be a product of public education, Ms. Suzanne earned her Bachelor of Science degree in communications from Indiana Sate University. She also studied music theory as well as vocal and piano performance on talent, academic and private scholarship at Mt. Hood Community College, home of The Mt. Hood Jazz Festival, and Portland State University .

Prior to truck driving, Rebecca worked as a beloved music teacher, a popular leader with the Weight Watchers organization and kept busy managing an emerging vocal performance career. She was also a regular contributor to the now defunct Woman’s Journal, also of Portland.

She and her husband live in McMinnville, Oregon, in the heart of Oregon’s wine country, where she is active in the local yoga community any time she finds herself off the road and at home.

Ms. Suzanne is honored to be among our country’s Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, having served in Honduras, Central America. She also is a fan of spoken word and radio, especially community radio, having volunteered as an on-air personality at KBOO in Portland and WEFT in Champaign, Illinois.



Editor Nina
“With her elementary school teacher’s pencil in hand, Nina originally accepted the job of keeping me from looking silly in public,” said our Trucking Yogi heroine.

“By the time the blog came to life it had been several years since I had written for anyone other than myself in my journal. I was concerned my writer’s muscle was flabby and out of shape. But before long Nina’s pencil became less active and she took up the job of head cheerleader for the blog.”

Nina is the substitute teacher you always hoped you would get whenever your regular teacher had to be away. She is an incredibly kind and caring woman who always has a positive attitude under even the most difficult of circumstances. Plus, she can spot a misspelled word, missing comma, or split infinitive at 50 paces.

Bless you for sharing your gifts, Nina.


Bean, The Muse
“Beanie is one of my most long-standing friends in Oregon,” Yogi said. “She is among the women I like to call ‘sisters I never had.’”


She is a dedicated practitioner of meditation, an incredibly conscious environmentalist, a lover and seeker of peace.

She is a wife, daughter, sister, beloved aunt, loyal friend and someone Yogi calls, “my muse.”

Beanie frequently takes on the role of inspiring others noting that one of her most beloved family members decided to pursue post secondary education after she returned to college in her 30s to finish her own bachelor’s degree.

Ms. Bean never seeks acclaim for her works or actions. Instead she is content in the knowledge that her presence and influence serves for the betterment of her fellow beings in this world and beyond.

Blessings upon you, Ms. Bean. May you continue to inspire!

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