Seems we don’t travel that road much these days. . .

I 40, New Mexico…

Albuquerque, traveling on eastward, out into the desert…

It’s one of my favorite places to watch the stars when Mr. Yogi and I are out working in our big truck.

I think of those nights now… those nights, at midnight, silently looking upward at the million stars twinkling back down at me…those nights in silence, in solitude, as I say “thank you,” to The Universe for my safety , for my life, for the opportunity to be.

I think of those glowing stars in the darkness now because Autumn has come. Mother Earth tilts  farther and farther from the sun.

The sun slips away from me earlier and earlier each day. The light, so bright in the form of the sun, now only peeks at me like tiny diamonds from the starry sky.

Comet Bradfield from Cactus Flats in NE Colorado. Just before sunrise.

Comet Bradfield from Cactus Flats in NE Colorado, just before sunrise.Photo sourced from Wikimedia Commons. Work credited to “The Starmon – Own work.”


In her beautiful and emotionally stirring ballad, “Firefly,”  Austin, Texas singer songwriter Suzi Stern wrote these lyrics, “…like stars lost earthbound…fallen stars talk in code to the sky to find their way home… yet the star long since dead still sends her light home.”

I have to think of the turn of the season that way – the eternalness of it all.

In ancient times, people had an honor for the seasons in a way that seems very distant from modernity.

History teaches us that in ancient times, when the darkness of the year came, people honored that time by turning inward.

How my soul always longs for that space…that place of quiet, of stillness where inspiration is born…where the tiny spark first shows itself to me and asks for my care.

The spark asks me to nurture it into a thing of brilliance and beauty.

I am torn between the need to engage in the 21st century world of busyness, of much doing and little being versus the timeless, ageless aching place of stillness where creativity takes form.

Hundreds of years ago…in the place we now call the North American Southwest… where I look to the stars to feel my connection to the timeless…the native women of this land looked up to those same stars.

They prayed to the same shimmering lights. Asked for the wisdom of the light reflected in the sky’s glowing diamonds to shine within their hearts… to make them wise…to keep their children well, their men safe.

We come here – to Earth – we live. We love, then we leave.

We embrace the gifts we bring with us. We try to make those gifts shine as best we can so that when we are gone the effects of those gifts will remain like the light of the distant stars.

The sun slips away from me.

But the stars come to me and remind me of the eternalness of it all. . . so that when my corporeal light glows dim the effect of its gifts still “sends (its) light home.”


Take a listen to the gorgeous song “Firefly,” which inspired this autumnal salute.  And, hey, what the heck. I’m also attaching the song, “Sleepwalking Girl,” with music by bassist Paul Unger and lyrics by Stern. Both songs come from the same album, “Romancing the Dark.”


The writing, the lyrics, the musical arrangement and performance on this second cut below perfectly illustrate the mood of that inner place of wisdom, instruction, healing and peace which the autumnal darkness offers.

Sleepwalking Girl     

You can buy and preview more of Suzi’s music at .


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